5kg of Fruit, Right at Home

Why Lady Finger Banana Plant?

Widely regarded as the best-tasting banana variety on the market, the Lady Finger Banana Plant makes it easy to harvest right from home. The Lady Finger can produce 5 kg of bananas from your living room or porchand it fruits up to a year sooner than other, similar banana plant.

Even better? No-fuss growth means no green thumb is no problem. You'll have stunning, tropical-inspired foliage and delectable taste, effortlessly. And the flavor of this fruit is second to none - they have the familiar size and texture of conventional store-bought bananas, but are sweeter and have hints of vanilla.

And this tree's manageable size makes it a decor favorite. Place two on either side of your front door for a welcoming entrance, or arrange a Lady Finger Banana in your living room for an exotic touch. Its small leaves purify the air and provide increased oxygen indoors as an extra benefit.

Why Lady Finger Banana Plant is Better ?

For starters, this plant's bananas ripen over several weeks, so you can enjoy them over a longer period. Another benefit is the Lady Finger's fast growth since it claims up to 1 additional inch in height each day, ideal for the impatient gardener.

Last but not least: No harsh sprays or chemicals needed - it's naturally hardy and resists both disease and insects. If you have a sun-soaked window, porch or balcony, you're ready to get growing and enjoy your own Lady Finger Banana Plant. That's because we've planted, grown and nurtured each of our Lady Finger Banana Plant for absolute best results in your homescape. We've completed a months-long process, putting in the extra work, so that you get a proven producer.

Fast fruit, fresh flavor and one-of-a-kind beauty: You won't get this combo from other nurseries or big box stores. Our Lady Finger Banana Plant has it all. 

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About this item

Mature Height:

2-4 ft.
Mature Width:8-10 ft.
Growth Rate:Fast
Harvest Time:January
Year to Bear:2-3
Botanical Name:

Musa acuminata ''

Plant or Animal Product Type
Fruit Tree Lady Finger Banana
Indoor/Outdoor Usage
Outdoor, Indoor
Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat (Malaysian architect and botanist) Malaysian Architect and Botanist
Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier
Expected Blooming Period
Summer, Spring to Autumn
Expected Planting Period

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Lady Finger Banana Plant

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