Delivery Information

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How to Purchase Our Healthy, Nutritious Bulk Meat

Deliveries only available in our service area.

If you live within our service area, for an extra fee, you can have your bulk meat orders delivered to your home.  Otherwise, all meat must be picked up at a pre-arranged delivery area.

Currently we take orders year round but fill orders seasonally. Please contact us to check for availability before sending in your order. Since the meat will be frozen, please prepare accordingly when picking it up.

The process below will vary slightly depending on whether you are ordering either chicken or duck or fish and goat. We use a different butcher for poultry.

1. You Order

  • Check availability
  • Pay non-refundable deposit
  • For goat, fill out the cutting form

2. We…

  • Take the animal(s) to the butcher at a specified time
  • Contact you with the date of pick up
  • Send you the invoice of your balance you owe us (local taxes apply)

3. You Pay and Pick Up

  • (for goat purchases) Butcher will call when meat is ready
  • Pick up your meat or have it delivered to your home
  • (for goat purchases) Pay butcher for the processing fees
  • Enjoy!