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UniFarm otherwise known as 'Students Agrosis Market', is an alternative system agrosis market to students within the campus. It is an unofficial agreement annually between farmers and a group of students to produce and distribute supplies farmers. Students, sometimes referred to as a shareholder, who cares about the market where they came from, how it developed, and by whom. In 2018, Student Agrosis Market will changes to Comunities Agrosis Marketplaces.

Comunities Agrosis Marketplaces, usually providing fresh supplies such as fish, lamb, poultry and vegetables and fruits to the student or group of shareholders who have paid the fees to receive a portion of the harvest each week during the season.

Farmers or comunities get cash absorption of those who need to buy supplies agrosis. Comunities Agrosis Marketplaces will expand to offer stock options menu berries and fruits, eggs or flowers, and meat stock.

In contrast, the Comunities Agrosis Marketplaces multi-farm minimizes the risks to producers and members by gathering produce from several local farms, which increases the variety, and assures that there will be plenty of produce every week throughout the season. This new kind of Comunities Agrosis Marketplaces model will support more than one local farm and provide a greater variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Save Money Buying Healthy, Nutritious, Pastured, Bulk Meat

Save an average of 10-15% over cuts

Shop less often for fresh meat

Have meat available when you need it

Tailor whole/half options to your family’s needs

Please contact us to check for availability before sending in your order.  We fill ordersseasonally and on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns as well.

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  • Now we know that we and our students are eating the highest quality food available to us.
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